Garden Equipment
Repair & Maintenance

When you look out the window at your property, do you see a beautiful landscaped yard, or a ton of work that needs to be completed that you just want to run away from?

Luckily, a wide range of equipment is available to help make the work quicker and make a lasting impression.

Leaf blowers; edge, hedge and weed trimmers; tractors and tillers / cultivators are all available to give you the results your home deserves!

Our team has the experience with all brands and garden power tools to keep you up and running year round!

That impressively sculpted hedgerow your neighbour has?  That can be yours too!  With a properly tuned hedge trimmer, you can make quick work of overgrown and sloppy hedges.

Edge and weed trimmers can square up the ends of your lawn and flowerbeds and make everything look neat and tidy, giving your property the beautiful “manicured” look you see in professionally landscaped gardens, high-end homes, and golf courses!

Does the falling of the leaves in the autumn bring on nightmares about raking and raking and raking all those leaves?  Your leaf blower makes fast work of bags and bags of leaves you’re itching to leave out on the curb for pickup!

Not to mention that blower cleaning up all the grass clippings that seem to get strewn around every time you break out your mower!  Don’t let your broken down blower keep you from having a beautiful yard!  No more raking, or sweeping all the clippings until you back breaks and your hands are sore.

A lawn edge trimmer sitting on a dark green lawn
Edge trimmer
Landscaper working with a hedge trimmer
Hedge trimmer
Landscaper using weed trimmer
Weed trimmer
Garden worker using a gas powered leaf blower
Leaf blower

We’re happy to talk to you about your garden equipment needs! 

Contact us about all your garden equipment.  We’re happy to help you with the technical and love to chat about your vision for your property.  

Man using a yellow riding mower
Lawn tractor
Man plowing a field using a gas powered tiller
Tiller / cultivator

And speaking of mowers, whether you’ve got a beauty of a rider mower, a zero-turn lawn tractor with a bag for the clippings, or just a standard push mower or self-propelled mower, we’ve got you covered.  We know how to keep all your mowers in great working order with seasonal and/or annual maintenance!  

And nothing cuts your lawn and keeps it healthy like nice sharp mower blades!  Your blades can get dulled by hitting roots and rocks in your yard as you work, so it’s important to get the blades inspected regularly and sharpened at least once a year.  A dull blade tears at the grass, rather than cleanly slicing through the ends.  Torn ends are less likely to absorb water properly, leading to dry, unhealthy grass, and more vulnerability to weed invasion.  

Resodding is expensive, labour intensive and takes a long time to return to that clean healthy look.  Safe your time, save your money and save your lawn!  Keep your blades sharp and your yard looking sharp too!

If you’re lucky enough to have the space and talent for growing things, planting season is infinitely more easy with a tuned-up cultivator or tiller!  

Imagine picking your own fresh vegetables from your own garden!  You’ll save money, and have control over the health of your food.  You can go fully organic and not have to pay those high grocery store prices, and be sure it really is organic!  The first step in getting those crisp juicy vegetables is properly preparing the land they will be planted in, and using your tiller will make that quick, and save your back for picking!

Whether you’re using your tools to make things look great, or taste great, our in-house experts will get all your equipment working just as you need and expect it!

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