Repair & Maintenance

Getting a hole dug to the right dept, straight and true and repeatable (as we usually need more than one for any given project) can be frustrating and requires expertise, the right tools and experience!

Using an auger can help you dig the right hole for the job, consistently and with minimal effort!

Some augers are tractor mounted, generally used for post hole digging.  These require an auger with a standard 2 in. shaft, usually for category 1, 2 or 3 tractors.

Hand-held augers can be used with hand-held power tools such as your 3/8″ or 1/2″ corded or cordless drill.

There are so many uses for hand-held augers.  You can use it when you are gardening, for tasks such as planting bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings.  Do you want to install PVC sprinkler lines under your sidewalks or patio stones?  Or getting insecticide and termite treatments down deep?  Using an auger makes these projects so much easier!  Hydrating, aerating and fertilizing trees and shrubs, as well as weeding are all faster when using a hand-held auger as well.

Tractor-mounted auger
Tractor-mounted auger
Handheld auger used for garden planting
Hand-held auger for planting, etc.
Ice auger cutting a hole in a lake
Ice auger

And augers aren’t just for the spring/summer and fall months. Winter activities such as ice fishing are much more fun when you get your fishing line in the water fast and safely.

If you have friends joining you out on the ice, you’ll want to cut cut several holes allowing you to all to fish the proper distance from one another, reducing line tangles and lost fish.

The cutting teeth or the tip on your auger can get damaged, broken go missing.   We can repair or replace the parts and get you back out on the ice! 

Bring us you auger for repairs and maintenance.  We’ll keep the fun going and save you money and frustration!

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