Repair & Maintenance

Chainsaws aren’t just for lumberjacks!  Common uses include felling, freeing, limbing or bucking trees and wood, as well as brushing and slashing.   Did you know you can use specialty chainsaws to cut stone, concrete and brick?

We can maintain and repair your two-stroke engine or electric chainsaw.  Your traditional engine chainsaw needs carburetor adjustment and filter maintenance as well as proper fuel-oil ratio mixture.

Chainsaw drive mechanism uses a centrifugal clutch and sprocket which are vulnerable to damage, but can be repaired by our expert technicians!

The chain does all the cutting work, but you need to keep you eye on its condition to help reduce kickback, and keep your cutting efficient and quick.

We know exactly how to sharpen your chain teeth to reduce vibration, speed up your work and keep you safer!

Lubrication is vital to a properly functioning chainsaw.  Not only do you need to add the correct amount of oil to the gas tank in a conventional chainsaw, but oil and grease are needed at the nose bar and saw power head.

Gas powered chainsaws are powerful and durable.  They last a long time with proper maintenance!  Fast work is the hallmark of gas chainsaws.  

Husqvarna chainsaw cutting a log
Chainsaw cutting a tree
Adding oil to chainsaw tank
Adding oil to the chamber
Sharpening chainsaw teeth
Sharpening the chainsaw teeth

We’re happy to talk to you about your chainsaw needs!  Reduce your frustration and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket!

An electric chainsaw can take minutes to cut through a moderately small limb or piece of wood, whereas the gas version will literally take just seconds to do the same job!  

And the build quality of the gas versions are far superior to the electric saws.  For light duty, small jobs around your property, etc. an electric saw will do you just fine.  But for a significant boost in power, longevity and fun, invest in a gas powered chainsaw and rip through your tasks in seconds!

Putting your chainsaw away for an extended period of time?  We know how to prevent corrosion, line fouling and keep the fuel from damaging your machine while it is in storage.  We can do it all for you during your cutting season, and when you store your saw for the off-season, so you’ll be ready to get right to work in the spring!   

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