Concrete Saw
Repair & Maintenance

Concrete saws (sometimes called a slab saw, or quick cut) can be used for cutting   concrete, brick, masonry, asphalt and tile, usually with a diamond blade.  They can also cut steel and stone, using an abrasive wheel.  Concrete saws are available in multiple formats, including gas powered, electric or hydraulic, and come in a wide variety of configurations, including handheld, chop-saw and walk-behind models.

While concrete saws can function wet and dry, it is most common to use water cooling during operation.  This serves a dual function, as it protects the diamond blade from breaking during use.  It also reduces wear and stress on the steel core below the blade.

Breakage in this area can results in unpredictable and uncontrolled blade section ejection, which can injure equipment operators and other in the vicinity. Also, using wet cooling during cutting helps reduce airborne dust particles that have been  linked to serious lung diseases, including lung cancer, silicosis and others.

Used for precision cutting floors, pavements, walkways, ramps and other flat sawing applications, accuracy of the cutting work is greatly affected by blade wobble, lack of power, and excessive vibration.

Concrete saw cutting a cement block
Construction working starting concrete saw

Other common problems including your saw not starting or being hard to start;  the blade not spinning ; or the engine starting and running briefly, then dying.

Our expert technicians will examine the myriad of components that need to be in good repair and properly tuned and aligned for your saw to function in tip-top condition!  From the belts, bearings, pulleys and brushes to the clutch, flange, shaft, isolator blade, starter, ratchet and more, we’ll diagnose the problem, advise you on the parts and labour needed, and get you back to your job right away!

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