Gas Powered Engines
Repair & Maintenance

Small gas engines serve us in a myriad of ways. They power trimmers, edgers, chain saws, pumps, snowblowers,  lawnmowers, tillers, cultivators, generators, air compressors, and other useful home tools.

Small gas engines also power our toys!  Snowmobiles, motorcycles, outboard boats, all-terrain (ATV) vehicles, ultralight aircraft, and others. 

Keep your tools and your toys operating efficiently.  Our expert techs can help you maintain and repair them all!

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into your garage or shed as you think about all the chores waiting for you, and knowing that whatever you choose to tackle that day, your equipment is ready and waiting!   

In fact, if you know your tools are broken or having problems, you’re more likely to have those chose incomplete, adding to your stress level and hanging over your head.  Relax!   Get your tools ready, your mind set and your “honey-do” list completed!

And once the jobs are done, the fun is waiting!   Fishing, dirt-bike riding, ATV trail riding, snowmobiling, you name it!  Your toys are itching to be put into action!

The sound of an outboard motor firing up can bring  you right back to your first childhood memories of fishing with your Mom or Dad.  And sharing that with your own kids is even more special!  Don’t let your outboard blues spoil those memories or dash your kid’s hopes!  We can fix any problems you’re having, tune your outboard for optimal performance and fuel efficiency, and help you put your motor away for the winter right, so it’s ready to go in the spring when the fish start jumping again!  Shows us the pics of your kid’s first catch.  We love seeing the smiles on their little faces!

Red lawnmower cutting lush dark green lawn
Man using a snowblower in a blue sky day
Worker cutting tree base with a chainsaw
Fast fishing boat ripping across the water with a powerful outboard engine
Outboard motor

We’re happy to talk to you about your gas powered engine needs! 

Whether it’s the tools you use to reduce your workload, or the toys you use to have some fun, we’re your go-to source  for keeping things running in top shape!

Contact us about all your gas powered equipment.  We use them all too, and love the outdoors just as much as you do!  

ATV with a helmeted rider, out on a trail
All-terrain vehicle (ATV)
Man riding a snowmobile on a deep winter trail

Outdoor fun is extra fun when there’s speed involved!  Watching the ground flying by right next to your feet, whether it’s the dirt of the ATV trail or the snow in an open field is exhilarating!  Don’t let problems with your snowmobile or your ATV keep you from the trails!  We love getting out into the fresh air and carving up the dirt, and we know you do too!  Let our experience and enthusiasm get you back on your snowmobile and ATV and living life to the fullest! 

Gasoline-powered engines have six systems working together bring you the machines that help us work, let us play, reduce our labour and speed up our tasks : fuel, exhaust, ignition, combustion, cooling, and lubrication.  There are many parts that rely on each other to function efficiently and correctly.  

We know them all, whatever brand you own, we’ve got  you covered!

Give us a call and we can complete a full inspection of your machines and determine what the problems are.  It could need a tune-up, cleaning or parts and expert labour.  We can do it all!  


CALL us at   Call us at (226) 780-8540   for all your gas powered engine needs.