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Small Engine Repair & Maintenance​, Guelph, Ontario

We are Guelph’s trusted go-to resource for lawn & garden equipmentsnowblower, and chainsaw repair.  Our experience with all industry brands will provide you economical, personalized service with a quick turnaround time.  We can fix your broken lawnmower, snowblower, or chainsaw.  In fact, anything that has a motor or engine is our specialty!

Repairs done quickly and done right the first time!

Not sure why your equipment isn’t starting?  Smoke?  Excess heat?  New rattling noise?  Broken blades, chains? We have experienced technicians that can inspect your equipment and diagnose the issue quickly and efficiently!  You don’t have time to wait, or to waste.  We can fix your broken machine, and get it running smooth and performing at its best. We know when your equipment is down, you’re falling behind and losing time is losing money. Whatever the brand, whatever the problem, we can diagnose the issue, offer you solutions within your needs and budget, and get you back on the job, fast!

What do we repair & service?

Maintenance is the key to longevity

Perhaps your tools are working, but not quite up to the performance you’re used to?  Regular on-going maintenance is vital to the longevity of your equipment.  Bring it to us for a seasonal tune-up.  We’ll inspect, clean and lubricate to keep your tools in optimal condition.  Don’t let your older machines down.  They were built back when things were built to last, but they need some TLC to keep going!  You may have inherited that trusty old lawnmower from your Dad, but it can still give you many years of dependable service, if you treat it right.   

We’re your local small engine experts, serving Guelph with all its lawnmower, snowblower, chainsaw and garden equipment repair and maintenance needs.  We’re your one-stop repair shop! 

Augers Repair & Maintenance

When you dig a hole, there are a few basic requirements that must be met.  It has to be straight, of a consistent width all the way down and having a flat bottom is usually preferred.  How do you get that with a shovel?  Good luck!

Power augers come to the rescue!  They can be used for big jobs, such as digging fence post holes or decks, where you need a consistent result, often dozens of times over!  With such an important project on the line you need your equipment in top working condition all through the days you’re working.  Get your auger serviced and if needed, repaired by our expert technicians, and you’ll blast through that build in no time!

We know how to maintain and repair tractor mounted post hole diggers , that usually require an auger with a standard 2 in. shaft, often used with a category 1, 2 or 3 tractors.

There are smaller tasks such as gardening chores (planting bulbs, seedlings and plants) where a hand-held power tool (such as a 3/8″ or 1/2″ corded or cordless drill can be used with an auger.

Thinking about installing underground sprinkler lines for watering your yard?   Daunting task, isn’t it?  Especially the part where the line has to pass under your beautifully set walkway or sidewalk.  No worries!  You can use a hand-held auger to create a trough for your PVC sprinkler lines, and pass right under those permanent structures without tearing up all that previously competed work!

How about aerating your lawn, or trees?  Getting water down deep to the roots of a tree that seems to be drying out?  Fertilizing your shrubs and trees?  Augers are so very useful for a multitude of purposes throughout your yard.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

If you’ve invested in an auger and it’s letting you down, contact us.  We’ll fix your auger and get you up and running in no time.

Auger being used in an agricultural setting
Ice auger cutting a hole in a lake
Tractor-mounted auger

Augers can help you work, but they are also build to help you have fun!  If you enjoy ice fishing, a powered ice auger gets your fishing lines in the water fast .  Even better, it lets you bring friends and family along, and give each person their own individual hole to fish from.  Kids are impatient!  They don’t want to wait around while you cut their holes.  They want to fish!  Your power auger saves time and powers up the fun!  Keep your ice auger running with regular maintenance by our professional technicians so you’ll be ready when the season begins!

Are the cutting teeth or the tip  damaged, broken or missing?  We can repair or replace  the parts to get you up and running fast!  Our carbide cutting teeth are durable and long-lasting, reducing your downtime, and saving you money.  The tip of your auger is a vital component of starting the hole and keeping it on track and travelling in the direction you intend.  We can replace your damaged and broken tips quickly, bringing your equipment back to its full usefulness.

If your auger is powered by a two or four stroke engine, regular maintenance, proper fuel-oil ratio mixture, lubrication, cleaning and off-season storage are a must!  Talk to us about your repair and tune-up needs.

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Chainsaw Repair & Maintenance

Chainsaws make quick work of tough cutting jobs!  If  you’ve ever swung an axe to cut down a tree or even just to split some logs for your fireplace, you know what a workout it can be!

But did you know that you can use specialized chainsaws for jobs that don’t even involve trees or wood?  There are specialized chainsaws used by homeowners and construction professionals to cut stone, concrete and brick!

While the chainsaw can make quick work of your project, it can also be a bit scary to use, with it rapidly spinning sharp teeth, and open blade.  One of the most important things you can do to keep yourself and those around you safe when owning a chainsaw is keeping it in a well-maintained state.

Top safety and performance items include making sure your chain teeth are properly sharpened at the correct angle.  This increases the efficiency of your cutting, and reduces kickback which can be dangerous, and vibration which can increase  your fatigue while working, Vibration can introduce long-term health issues in your joints if you use a chainsaw frequently!  Give us your dull chainsaw and we’ll sharpen it to perfection and get you cutting through trees and logs like a hot knife through butter!

Getting a long life out of your equipment also means you need regular tune-ups (just like with a car!).  Carburetor adjustments, filter maintenance and proper lubrication are vital!

We are experiences in all aspects of your chainsaw’s maintenance, repair and performance tuning.  Bring your saw to us for a pre-season tune-up, and end-of-season storage prep.  We’ll keep you spinning without any worries!

Man sharpening chainsaw teeth
Man chopping up tree with chainsaw
Worker cutting log with chainsaw

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Concrete Saw Repair & Maintenance

Concrete is tough stuff!  Once it’s poured and set, it’s meant to last a lifetime.  But what if you need to make modifications later?  Why tear up a whole installation, if you just need to make a change to one section?   This is where concrete saws come to the rescue!  Concrete saws can be used for cutting  concrete, brick, masonry, asphalt and tile, usually with a diamond blade.  They can also cut steel and stone, using an abrasive wheel.  

Worker cutting bricks concrete saw
Concrete saw cutting paving slab
Man cutting metal with a concrete saw generating sparks

The right saw (they come in many different configurations, depending on your need), can be used for precision cutting floors, pavements, walkways, ramps and other flat sawing applications. 

If your saw is in need of maintenance or repair, our expert technicians will examine the myriad of components that need to be in good repair and properly tuned and aligned for your saw to function in tip-top condition!  From the belts, bearings, pulleys and brushes to the clutch, flange, shaft, isolator blade, starter, ratchet and more, we’ll diagnose the problem, advise you on the parts and labour needed, and get you back to your job right away!

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Garden Equipment Repair & Maintenance

A stunning yard takes dedication, hard work and the right tools!  Luckily, a wide range of equipment is available to help make the work quicker and make a lasting impression.  Leaf blowers; edge, hedge and weed trimmers;  tractors and tillers / cultivators are all available to give you the results your home deserves!

Our team has the experience with all brands and garden power tools to keep you up and running year round!

Bring us all your garden equipment.  We can clean, lubricate and tune-up all your machines in record time so you can get back out in the yard and make your property look gorgeous

Soil cultivator sitting on a plot of land
Grass trimmer being used near a fence with tall grass
Gardener using hedge trimmer on bushes near a brick wall

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Gas Powered Engines Repair & Maintenance

Small gas engines serve us in a myriad of ways. They power trimmers, edgers, chain saws, pumps, snowblowers,  lawnmowers, tillers, cultivators, generators, air compressors, and other useful home tools.

They also power our toys!  Snowmobiles, motorcycles, outboard boats, all-terrain (ATV) vehicles, ultralight aircraft, and others. To keep them operating efficiently,  our expert techs can help you maintain and repair all of them!

Small gas engines have many components. Gasoline-powered engines have six systems working together bring you the machines that help us work, let us play, reduce our labour and speed up our tasks : fuel, exhaust, ignition, combustion, cooling, and lubrication.  There are many parts that rely on each other to function efficiently and correctly.  We know them all, whatever brand your own, we’ve got  you covered!

Couple sitting on a green ATV with a bright blue sky behind them
Man sitting in boat with outboard motor
Gas powered engine with an open gas tank for refueling

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Lawnmower Repair & Maintenance

Everyone loves the look of a freshly mowed lawn, but doing the work without the right tools can be exhausting!  Whether you’re cutting a small lawn in your front yard, or multiple acres in a large sprawling property, being able to get the job done quickly, and have a beautiful manicured look is the ultimate goal!

Smaller mowers can be manually or self-propelled (also known as “walk-behind” mowers).  Larger mowers (and most commercial variations) are ridden and resemble the look of a tractor (they are sometimes called lawn tractors!).    There are even stand-up versions, with a zero-degree turning radius!

No matter which mower you use, we can help you keep your machine well tuned, the blades properly sharpened, and repair any problems that come along.  We’ll also winterize your mower to help extend its life cycle and safe you money!

Sharp mower blades protect your turf from tearing, which can lead to poor water absorption, and dry dead grass! We’ll sharpen your lawnmower blades to give you a perfect cut every time.  Come see us at the beginning of the season to get you ready for the spring growth that comes with those April showers!  If you do a lot of cutting during the season, or have many roots or stones on your property, you will probably need to have your blades inspected partway through the season to make sure you haven’t bent anything, or lost the edge on your blades.  Come back to see you when your mower starts under-performing, and we’ll fix the problem and get you cutting like a pro!

Landscaper wearing ear protection rides a lawnmower
Closeup of lawnmower being pushed by man wearing brown pants
Older man riding zero-turn lawnmower

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Snowblower Repair & Maintenance

Winter can be unpredictable and surprise us with record snowfalls that even the youngest, strongest backs can’t handle.  That’s when your trusty snowblower can really get you out of a bad situation!  But what happens if your trusty snowblower isn’t so reliable?  Won’t start?  Isn’t throwing the snow the way it should?  Smoke?  Broken starter or auger blade?

We’ve got you covered!  Don’t let the next dumping of snow get you down in the dumps!  We can fix any make or model and get you out there clearing your sidewalks, and getting your driveway back to holding your family’s cars. 

 Unpredictable weather means unpredictable snowfall.  Let us help you reduce your stress and give you back the confidence you need to keep you property clear of snow this winter!  We’ll fix your snowblower and save your back.  Who wants to shovel, when you can power through all the white stuff with a well-tuned machine?

Man Using Snowblower in Deep Snow
Red snowblower plower through large snowfall
Man struggling to start broken snowblower

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